An old post... in memory of Michael

Well, my first private public journal!
Today I am up at the butt-crack of dawn waiting for a parent to get here. I do a 24 hour daycare and my 4 am appointment did not show up. How rude! I don't think I will have this one very much longer.

I confess. I don't really love doing daycare. I don't like having to share my home and my attention with other families and their children. I would like to dote on my kids and my kids only 24-7. But that's not reality. So the next best thing is doing daycare in my home where I can still be with my children and keep the house and do all those other motherly responsibilities.

Now don't get me wrong. I love kids. I grew up in a daycare. I took over my mothers daycare so she could go back to school. I worked in daycares and preschools. I even had Marie Osmonds adopted son Michael in my preschool class. (I loved him and I think it is a shame how things have turned out for him) I even nannied for 5 years for a few different families. I nannied for 2 families at once, one time. It didn't pan out..... I don't recommend it to anyone. I was stuck in a church calling for 5 years - guess what it was! - your right, Nursery!

So I love kids but I'd rather just love MY kids right now while they are so young and at home and they deserve to have someone dote on them - which brings out a very hot subject.... I think moms should be at home with their children. Families should be families! Dad, Mom, Grandparents..... Kids are growing up without discipline and respect. They are yearning for attention and direction. Can't parents see that? Why bring a child into this world if you don't offer them the love and security of a family?

95 % of my daycare families are broken. On welfare. They have been taught to live on the system and it's easier for them to live that way than to get off their duff and make something of themselves. I am judgemental. But I am judgemental realistically.

So I will ignore my children and take care of 10 others today. I will stop waiting for that parent that didn't show up and because it is too late to go back to bed.... I will start a load of laundry. Put toys away. Get ready for the next one at 5:45 and see if they show up on time.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

Golly, it must be so hard! I did watch one little girl when my oldest was little and that was hard enough. It is so hard to have your attentions divided, etc. My sister's best friend's daughter was a nanny for Marie for a while, too. I feel so badly for her--she has had a very rough row to hoe (meaning Marie). Hang in there, Jess! Hugs!