# 3 "Let's get Physical"

Number 1 Family Relationships
Number 2 Spirituality
Number 3 Let's get physical
Number 4 FOOD!!!
Number 5 Rest and Relaxation

I love FAT cells

Shortly after my husband and I were married we were at a friends house and he asked if he could do some meditation-hypnosis on us....SURE! Why Not?

He had us lay down on the floor to get comfortable. He lead us through a series of relaxation and breathing techniques and then tried to train our mind and bodies to get rid of fat cells.


I know he was trying to help us - seriously - but all the way home we laughed and chanted "I love FAT CELLS! Then as we laid in bed - we took turns naming off all of our favorite foods. We were physically HUNGRY by the time we drifted off to sleep.

I am no expert on physical fitness. The healthiest point in my life was at age 25 when I was doing Jazzercize, step aerobics, biking, walking, and swimming. Even then I craved more exercise.

Then came marriage and babies in the carriage...20 pounds gained with each pregnancy - I had 4 babies in 5 years and I was caught up in my responsibilities and didn't take time to exercise or eat right. But as the kids have gotten older I have more time to myself and I'm having to undo all the bad habits and choices I've made.

In my top 5 - Physical Fitness means weight loss. But to you it may mean "Maintaining" or "Stress Relief" or it could be the "most important thing in the world" to you.

Whatever physical fitness means to you it should include the following:


Physical Fitness is number 3 in my Top 5 but it has a lot to do with the others - I think it puts balance into all of them. Although Food and Nutrition is part of physical fitness - I'm saving it for my next post... Number 4 - Food !

*The human body is a machine. It works. It plays. It needs gas to make it go. It needs lubed and maintained. The important thing is not to neglect your body. It was built to work and endure.

*What you do with your body also effects your mind and mentality.

*Remember that even though everyone has a body - every "body" is different. Your age, whether you are female or male, personal habits and heredity take a factor in your overall health and fitness.

*Know the basics of fitness *Make a commitment to yourself *Love what you do!

Since time and money are almost extinct in my world this is what I'm doing about it

This is what I've committed myself to ...

Step aerobics - picked up a step and boosters at a garage sale for $5 - LOVE IT. I just pick out some of my favorite music and learned a few moves off this website http://www.stepcenter.com/ or you can find video's at the library or You tube.

I rotate these video's at night after my kids go to sleep...
*Walk Away the pounds with Leslie Sansone
*New York City Ballet workout 1 and 2
*Cindy Crawford- shape your body, the next challenge workout, a new dimension

Lift weights
Stretch and do breathing excersises
Walk with my kids around the neighborhood
Run and play with my kids at the park everyday

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tammy said...

That is funny about your friend.

I love Step! I used to teach a class on it. Still one of my favorite ways to work out.