Summer update

Summer is two-thirds the way over. In less than 40 days the kids will return to school and my schedule will be wide open. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all my free time with just Valorie at home. When this summer is over it will mark another big transition in life.

We made a goal to hit all 35 parks in our city this summer - so far we've done about 10. We will have to hit 4 a day before we go to Idaho - we will be spending an entire month at my mothers - we usually go a few days at a time - so I'm not sure how well behaved my children are going to be out of their element. I may have to take along some duck tape!

The swimming pool is coming down early...we gave away our "baby bikes" ....we have our clothes organized for school, the classroom supply list has been purchased. The extra computer is packed ready to scan all my mothers photo's...

I spent the past few weeks organizing and putting things in order. Life is flying by so fast that I'm trying to be ready for it before it happens. Some things you can't predict but by having things in order sure helps.

I've discovered all the wonderful things a Kirby vacuum can do and I've been shampooing everything that can possibly be shampooed. MY house has never been this clean and organized before - but it still needs help.

Well enough of this journal entry. I hope to have a TON of pictures to post when I get back - I hope to have some good memories to share with you.

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Cynthia said...

Have a great time at your Moms! We meant to do more fun things this summer than we ended up doing too. I had planned to take the kids on lots of 'Adventure Days' but failed. We've been out once.

I DO need to follow your organization example though. Things will be changing around here soon too and I need be prepared.

Jami said...

Have you hit the Sleepy Hollow Park yet? Call me if you haven't and we'll meet you there! ;)