October 2013

We had a busy month. First Darrel opened a truck trailer at work and a 50 pd metal barrel fell on his head. Knocked him out and he got to spend the day in the ER. Then we got a huge snow storm (yes in October) and Darrel over exerted himself and snow shoveled for everyone - well he got rewarded with pneumonia.  He spent almost 3 weeks in the Hospital. He missed Halloween. We waited for him to come home to carve the pumpkins. Earlier in the month I was feeling guilty about not taking very many pictures so we went to the park to shoot the kids.  It was not fun but in the end I was able to get at least one good shot of each child.  Note to self - make it fun and not an assignment.  I've learned to let them play and catch them in their natural dispositions.  Who wants to say cheese to a camera? LOL

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