A new start

     This blog has been sitting still for a few years and it's time to catch it up. In 2012 we made a decision to remarry and put our lifes back together.  We remarried June 29th on Grandpa Martins birthday and Great Grandpa Martin deJongs funeral.  
     We have never had our family photo taken professionally and I decided we needed to make the occasion special.  We quietly went to court as a family and the judge remarried us and sweetly congratulated us on trying to make things work.  We took photos at the court and in the background were some mysterious wavy white shadows.  I'd like to think we were not alone and that the wedding was well attended.  
     We stayed in Idaho for a few months longer and then made the trip "HOME to Wyoming right before school started.  I am not sure if I am going to try and recapture the time lost during our divorce on the blog but there were some invaluable lessons I learned and might share during future posts.

 love ya! Messy Jess

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Christina said...

You have a beautiful family! Love these pictures!!!