August 2014

In the month of August....

 Jon and Dad went on a scouting camp out 

We got rid of the go cart..... 

And got this beauty! 

 At the Dr office.....Sarah had ear surgery to remove ear tubes....not so fun : (

Jon was seen for a spider bite.... before and after

Everyone got the nasty cold and flu migraine headache that was going around town : (

Some random self portraits...

Daddy got a makeover from Alta

followed by a rock hard body building work out

Dress up day at church....not sure what the object lesson was? 

More random activities around the house...

Sarah made m and m cookies

Girls got some head dolls to practice braiding

Sarah  made a clay rendition of a playground and made a puppet impression of her mommy LOL

Some pictures to use as bribes when they are older.... LOL

Summer school is over and back to the REAL SCHOOL!

Which means school shopping and bowling with DAD! 

Living in Wyoming with its wide open spaces and beautiful skies

And last - bittersweet - I switched from one job to another in the same care giving field.  I worked in a group home for adults that was shut down - I'm going to miss the clients so much.  I really came to love them!  I get to work with children now in a state run facility.  So far I love it and I feel I have found where I belong in the world.

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