December 2014

Thanksgiving and Christmas was quiet and I absolutely loved it.  It was spent with Darrels parents in their home and involved the usual holiday feast.  We had asked the children what they wanted for Christmas and was able to get them each a tablet and headphones.  We purchased them with a money gift from someone in our church.  Of course we have had a very humbling year and we were overwhelmed with the gift. 

The real reason for Christmas was highlighted even more this year with the sad news that Santa is not a real character but a tradition passed down from generation to generation about a man who gave gifts.  There are many different stories about how Santa got started but we chose to compare it to the Savior and how he has given all of us the gift of eternal life and at Christmas we too give to others to remind us of the greatest gift - The father gave His Son to us.

With the death of Santa this season also came the end of the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, the leprechauns and other such fantasy characters.  The kids have grown up in height and emotional intelligence this year.  Valorie finally lost her first tooth and then another this month - she has been waiting so impatiently for that milestone.  With all this growing up we decided it was time to talk about good pictures/bad pictures and sexual education.  We altered it from the 11 year old perspective down to the 6 year old understanding.  Not that we wanted to but it was necessary with the questions they have asked from talking with their friends.  We wanted them to hear it from us and be able to feel comfortable asking about it.  Now that they have tablets we've used precaution and hope that we haven't given the gift of easy access to the negative things they can find.  We hope to teach them to use it for good things.  We purchased a book and read it with the children.  We found it here:

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Front Cover

 I've been writing the missionaries in our stake and I've decided to start putting them here so that my kids can read them when they are old enough to read this blog.  As for goals for the new year - it is to continue eating healthy and making time for exercise.  It was a good year 2014 love ya! Messy Jess

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