Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Spongebob Square Pants !

For my birthday this year I wanted to take the kids to the movies! We almost didn't make it... I sent Darrel ahead with the kids to get tickets and good seating. I waited for daycare to go home and I was able to grab the snacks and be in my seat just as the show started! One of the new songs was TEAM Work- which was kind of funny because earlier in the day Darrel and I were talking about some of the choices we have made - the mistakes and how we needed to work better as a team - you'll love this song! Check it out 

 Darrel had to work on his birthday so we surprised him with cake and presents when he got home. On his first day off we invited his parents to go to lunch with us.  We ate at the Prime Rib and it was so enjoyable to spend time together.  We usually have the kids so it was nice to relax and be in each others company.

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