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Dear Elders and Sisters I have limited time on the Internet so I am sharing a personal letter I wrote to another missionary.

Dear Elder,
You asked for it.  A personal letter.  This is one you do not want to put up on the billboard for everyone to read, because, I want to tell you 2 things that may or may not upset you.  First of all I cannot pull the mote from your eye because I have a huge beam in my own.  But this is what I have noticed from your letters…
1.    It does not matter a hill of beans how long you are out on your mission, how long you’ve got left to go, or where you serve. 
2.    It is not a contest to see how many baptisms you can do.  You are still thinking about the police force and you are in a hurry to get back to it.

I understand that the Police is largely important to you and it is a huge part of your life but what I want to know is – How has the spirit touched your life as a missionary?  Do you teach with the spirit?  Do you pray and invite the spirit to be with you at all times, in all places, in all things?  Have you been practicing your Home teaching skills with members of the ward?  Having a genuine concern for their spiritual welfare?  It sounds like the members could use a few missionary discussions.
Now I sound like a hypocrite.  But what am I to do to boldly yet carefully express my concern for a dear friend.  I want you to have the best 2 years of your life.  2 years that will change your heart, increase your understanding and compassion and give you the basic tools you need for the rest of your life.  I pray that you are following the mission rules and living worthy to have the spirit with you at all times – so that you are ready for any situation you might find yourself in.

I am thinking of a time when I had strayed from what I knew to be true and was testing limits and acting out of rebellion.  Letting anger and past grudges get in the way.  It had got me into a lot of trouble.  I found that becoming a true disciple of Christ has a lot to do with my testimony. I realized that the things I was doing wasn’t just hurting me – that what I was doing was giving the church a bad name.  People all around me knew that I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My behavior was contrary of its teachings.  I was not being a true disciple – taking the name of Christ upon me.  Instead I destroyed the integrity of the church to people that knew me.  Part of the repentance process is to restore what was taken or damaged.  I had to ask people for their forgiveness and bear my testimony to them.  It was not easy but better than the way I felt when I realized that I was denying Christ and everything I
knew to
be true.
Our lesson in class today was being a true disciple.  Here are a few things that others came up with. Prayer. Testimony. Service.  How do these things affect our true discipleship?

Mathew 26: 69-75
Peter is sitting outside the palace.  A damsel accused him of being with Jesus.  Peter denied them saying “I know not what thou sayest”.  Peter moved himself out to the porch and another maid said “this fellow also was with Jesus of Nazareth.” Peter denied it with an oath.  “I do not know the man.”  Some time passes and the people accuse Peter of being one of Christ’s because his speech “bewrayeth” him.  Peter cursed and swore and said “I know not the man”.
In what ways are we like Peter?  What can I sacrifice or give up to come closer to my Savior and strengthening my testimony of him?  What can you do?  When we are baptized we enter into the covenant of talking on ourselves the name of Christ.  As a missionary you have been given the authority to teach the gospel for His sake.  The apostles are given yet more responsibility to take His name upon them and they hold precious keys to the kingdom and power of God.  What are your responsibilities as a missionary?  What are my responsibilities as a member of His Church?

I understand that the church has 3 missions.  To preach the gospel, redeem their dead and perfect the saints – what an awesome responsibility!

Mathew 20
Jesus goes out in the first hours of the day to hire laborers to work and they agree for a penny.  Jesus goes out again a few hours later to again hire laborers for the day for a penny and a few hours later he does the same until the last hour of the day he again hires laborers to work for a penny.  When it comes time to be paid – the laborers that had been there all day assumed they would be paid more than the ones that had only worked an hour.  Jesus said unto them “the first shall be last and the last first.

A father asks his two sons to work in his field.  The first son says “no I will not” but then repents and goes to work.  The second son says “Yes father I will” but then does not go.  What is the parable Jesus is teaching?

During the time of my rebellion a young man of 12 saw me in the hallway of the church on a weekday.  He was tired and bored while waiting for his mom and he struck up conversation with me.  “Are you a missionary?  He asked.  “You look like a missionary.”  At the time I did not feel like a missionary.  Far from it.  But it reminded me that Christ’s true disciples will have His name engraved in their foreheads.  I want Christ to look at me and see that I have His name engraved into the very depths of my entire being and soul.  And I want to know Him and His teachings that I may be able to recognize Him when he comes again.

You are an ordained disciple of Christ.  You have taken His name upon you and have placed a tag on your suit that says you are a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  So “what think ye of Christ?”  “What manner of men ought ye be?”  I’m excited for you on your mission.  “How great shall be your joy if you bring but one soul onto me” and “how great shall be your joy if ye should bring many souls onto me”.  When you are out there teaching and proclaiming the gospel – remember who you are – who they are – and that the good news is the fact that Jesus lived and was crucified for our sins so that justice could prevail and we could become like our Heavenly Parents.   Not everyone understands how important this is and I forget sometimes when I let the things of the world get the best of me.  I love you to pieces.  I hope you are choosing the right every day and I want you to know that I really do
care for your
spiritual welfare.  I’d like to support your mission in any way that helps.  Be Good!

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