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Dear Missionary,
I have had lots of time at work to listen to the sermons on the Christian radio stations.  Lately the sermons are focused on our minds and the way we think.  It was suggested that if we don't think about God and His ways and His commandments that we shouldn't expect to feel his presence in our lives.  Here are some of my notes.

Thinking in the negative is one of the most useless of all human endeavors. It is not only unproductive, it is self-defeating.

Negative thinking prevents us from achieving the possible while positive thinking can help us to achieve what looks impossible.

By replacing the negative things that we say to ourselves such as, "I cant do that", "That problem is just too big for me to overcome"
or...worst of all..."I'm just dumb" with positive things such as, "I can do that", "Its a big problem but I can find a way around it", or "I have handled bigger problems, I can handle this one".

What we need is some self-confidence....a big healthy dose. A person who is self-confident thinks in positive ways which make success a sure

In an experiment on animal behavior at the University of Wisconsin about 20 years ago, the scientist would put a mouse with its front feet tied together into the cage of another mouse.

The mouse whose area was being trespassed would then easily beat up the poor mouse with the feet tied together.

After a number of victories,the scientist started to put mice in the cage without their feet tied.  But our mouse was so confident that he would take on and defeat mice even larger than himself.

Normally he would have run away from these larger mice, but he felt he just couldn't lose. And he didn't.

The moment you believe you can do something, things begin to change.

The Scriptures reminds us that we should not only think about God and good things but that we should ponder, wonder, and marvel.

Why must you think?  He commands us to intentionally ponder the good stuff.  Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is trustworthy, lovely, commendable, any excellence, anything worthy of praise, think of these things. 

Think about good things.     Evaluate, consider, ponder,  don’t just look at the pretty flower but consider it, ponder it marvel at it.  Who made it?  How does it grow?  All good things and thoughts lead us back to God – consider that you are commanded by God to think.   

The promise that God's peace will be with you - THAT is contingent of you doing something.   It is a "If you do this then I will do this" promise
between you and God.  He is saying -   IF you think of me and all that is good and Holy-  THEN I will bless you with my peace.

If you want to feel Gods presence, his peace... it starts in your mind and in your thinking process. 

I hope your days are filled with God and His peace,

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