Another one bites the dust...

I love Jon. He has been my ultimate happiness and my biggest frustration.

Jon decided to take a hammer to his fathers flat screen television...

It's my fault really. I am still working on the girls room and left all my tools in their room on the dresser.

The girls messy room

Jon's messy room (the full size bed used to be the girls - hence the pink sheets!)

Needless to say I wasn't happy about it. Darrel needs his reprieve from the daycare when he comes home at night and his room and his t.v. are his sanctuary. So I did what I had to do. I replaced his broken t.v. with the kids.

I never wanted a t.v. in my front room and now it's gone! I have celestialized my front room and the house is SO quiet!

Because the t.v. was larger than the one in our bedroom Armour... I had to haul that beast up the stairs with the television stand it was sitting on. Another major project and re-arranging the furniture in the front room and our bedroom.

I am up to my ears in projects - now I just need to complete them. So many things to little time. It's always fun here at Messy Jess's

Slumber Party!

The kids slept in the daycare last night.

They got to stay up late watching dum dum dum Dora!

They woke early this morning to watch cartoons but were distracted by the new toys we've been getting in the mail. It has amazed them that toys are showing up at our door step as if by magic - (I wish!)

I have been collecting little Fisher Price pieces and the kids LOVE them! They can't put them down. Even baby Valorie won't leave them alone!

Because I overspent on eBay.... we aren't going out on a date. But Darrel did the sweetest thing for me - a card with a HUGE sucker and the card said I'm a sucker for you. Crack me up. So I got him a monkey to hang on his rear view mirror that says I'm wild about you. It took him a while to even notice it - which makes me laugh because he is so immaculate and ocd about things.

I hope your day is filled with love - and if not love.... at least chocolate!!

When you're dead and in your grave think of all the food we'll save, but happy birthday!

I turned 33. It is supposed to be one of the magical birthdays. The most magical one is when you turn the age that your birth date is. Then it's the double digit birthdays like 11,22,33,44,55, and so on.

What's so funny about this birthday is that I kept seeing the number 33 everywhere.

The speed demon on the way to church said I was going too fast - 33 miles on hour.

When I checked into my ebay I had 33 feedback's.

When I got off the computer it was 3:33 in the afternoon! Incredible!

I have been so busy and this year it crept up on me and I tried to avoid it. Invite the parents over for cake and ice cream and get it over with - but I ended up having some friends come over at the last minute... It was loud and short and sweet. Another year over. But that means my kids are getting older too and it makes me very sad. I want to keep them little forever. I know I will enjoy them as they get older but it's so sweet right now.

I'm also surprised at the fact that I am 33 years old and the world has not come to an end yet.... growing up I was told I was in the last generation and that the world would get very wicked and there would be storms and gnashing of teeth. I never thought I would grow to be old and have my own kids. Funny how we interpretate what we are told as kids.

I have been busy building up my collection of lego's, lincoln logs, fisher price little people and vintage tupperware toys. In doing so I have discovered that I like collecting toys and I officially declare myself a toy collector. I had to put another shelf in the daycare to make room for the new toys. I am tickled pink. I'm not sure who is going to have more fun playing - me or the kids!!

On that note... I'm not sure when I will post again. I have lot's of projects to complete and chores to be done. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

These are the people in your neighborhood...

I don't typically think of myself as someone who watches my neighbors every move but in this case I'm totally guilty.

Someone is moving out of the house across the street. Not the entire family. Just some of the family. I think they are getting a divorce and mom and children are leaving. But to add to the excitement.... someone is moving in! The dad's boyfriend? His roommate? The plot thickens.

One year ago we lived on the other side of town. In a trailor court. Everyone knew everybody's business. And we were friends with several neighbors. We moved to this side of town and hardly ever speak to our neighbors. When we moved in you could see people peering through their curtains trying to figure out who it was that was envading their well to do neighborhood.

We in fact have lost some friendships due to the house we live in. It made me think of what our friendships are made of. Even in church we switched wards and I don't believe we have spoken to one or two people from our old ward. Are we stuck up? Too good? Too ugly? We are the same people doing the same thing we did one year ago. Except the neighborhood. Maybe we are imposters - trailor people trying to make it in a higher society? Whatever the case... what do you think of your neighborhood and your church group? What are the classes and clicks around you?
Can one person make a difference or break apart the classes we put ourselves into?

If you lost everything you had who would be your friends? If you won a million dollars...who would be your friends? How do you teach your children to treat every single person with the same respect?


I've been abducted by EEEE-bay!

I've been replacing one bad habit with another. This week I collected about 100 playskool puzzles. I LOVE them!

15 packages were left on the porch yesterday and it was like "YOU"VE GOT MAIL!
Who needs Santa when you have Fedex and Ups?

I've also got my eye on a few snow babies. I used to give them out to my family for gifts as if they were candy and I haven't bought any for a long while. But.... it's SO MUCH FUN!

Also found some MELMAC dishes to give to my mom for her birthday with our Melmac stories. You can still contribute a story if you want to.

Well, it's not Saturday so I am breaking my own rule of blogging only on Saturday but it's SO BORING around here without the constant blogging. Whoops - I just got outbid on ebay - gotta go!