These are the people in your neighborhood...

I don't typically think of myself as someone who watches my neighbors every move but in this case I'm totally guilty.

Someone is moving out of the house across the street. Not the entire family. Just some of the family. I think they are getting a divorce and mom and children are leaving. But to add to the excitement.... someone is moving in! The dad's boyfriend? His roommate? The plot thickens.

One year ago we lived on the other side of town. In a trailor court. Everyone knew everybody's business. And we were friends with several neighbors. We moved to this side of town and hardly ever speak to our neighbors. When we moved in you could see people peering through their curtains trying to figure out who it was that was envading their well to do neighborhood.

We in fact have lost some friendships due to the house we live in. It made me think of what our friendships are made of. Even in church we switched wards and I don't believe we have spoken to one or two people from our old ward. Are we stuck up? Too good? Too ugly? We are the same people doing the same thing we did one year ago. Except the neighborhood. Maybe we are imposters - trailor people trying to make it in a higher society? Whatever the case... what do you think of your neighborhood and your church group? What are the classes and clicks around you?
Can one person make a difference or break apart the classes we put ourselves into?

If you lost everything you had who would be your friends? If you won a million dollars...who would be your friends? How do you teach your children to treat every single person with the same respect?


devri said...

I have no idea, just teach them the right way of life, and then they will learn.

I will be your friend through poor to rich, but when you get to rich, please share with me!!

rychelle said...

lead by example.

(can't wait to hear more about the neighbor's boyfriend/roommate) ;)

Heidi Ashworth said...

These are all very good questions. We don't have these issues in blogdania--but we have new ones.

Nana said...

I know what you are talking about.
We moved 10 yrs. ago and hardly ever see anyone from the old ward. Yes people did or do think we are stuck up, or whatever. We are the same old people. I love our ward. I loved our old ward.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Where I live now, everyone knows everyone else. Everyone watches who comes down our cull-de-sac and there are little cliques of people who are friends with some but not others.