I've been abducted by EEEE-bay!

I've been replacing one bad habit with another. This week I collected about 100 playskool puzzles. I LOVE them!

15 packages were left on the porch yesterday and it was like "YOU"VE GOT MAIL!
Who needs Santa when you have Fedex and Ups?

I've also got my eye on a few snow babies. I used to give them out to my family for gifts as if they were candy and I haven't bought any for a long while. But.... it's SO MUCH FUN!

Also found some MELMAC dishes to give to my mom for her birthday with our Melmac stories. You can still contribute a story if you want to.

Well, it's not Saturday so I am breaking my own rule of blogging only on Saturday but it's SO BORING around here without the constant blogging. Whoops - I just got outbid on ebay - gotta go!


rychelle said...

yeah, ebay is DANGEROUS!

tammy said...

Oh ebay how I heart you!

Anonymous said...

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