Slumber Party!

The kids slept in the daycare last night.

They got to stay up late watching dum dum dum Dora!

They woke early this morning to watch cartoons but were distracted by the new toys we've been getting in the mail. It has amazed them that toys are showing up at our door step as if by magic - (I wish!)

I have been collecting little Fisher Price pieces and the kids LOVE them! They can't put them down. Even baby Valorie won't leave them alone!

Because I overspent on eBay.... we aren't going out on a date. But Darrel did the sweetest thing for me - a card with a HUGE sucker and the card said I'm a sucker for you. Crack me up. So I got him a monkey to hang on his rear view mirror that says I'm wild about you. It took him a while to even notice it - which makes me laugh because he is so immaculate and ocd about things.

I hope your day is filled with love - and if not love.... at least chocolate!!


tammy said...

How fun! You're making me want to collect Fisher Price stuff now.

Becka Babe said...

I remember those ones the kids are playing with!!! If you can find the original barn set let me know, I really want it! Keep an eye out for the old pink cup fisher price tea party set w/ tray, I would LOVE to buy that one too!

Mother Goose said...

fun fun! and yes my day has been filled with love but I wish there were some chocolate too.