and they danced all night and wore out their pretty pink slippers

The dance was packed with hormone filled teens. They were there with their hopes high and their excitement floated in the air making it seem like the best place to be on a New Years Eve night.

We started out in the chapple with a song and a prayer followed by a five minute talk from the Stake President. He spoke about the new year and setting goals. He asked the youth to close their eyes and think about only one thing that needed the most changing this year and to focus on this one change - promising the youth that if they did that - the other changes in their life would come.

We then watched a fireside from the Presidency of the church.
The speaker pleaded with the youth to not give into the temptations of the world. That they had so many new ways to be exposed to the temptations with their ipods, phones and television, the computer...

Pornography, Drugs, Alchohol, Smoking, Chasity...

He asked them to listen to their parents and to their leaders - asking them to stay out of harm's way. Do not give into temptation was the theme.

I enjoyed the night slightly envying them of their youth but at the same time not wanting to ever again relive those years.

The d.j. was terrific. The music was great. But I was a little disappointed at the end of the night when it was time to clean up. The youth did not pitch in and help out. Tired Leaders gathered up their belongings and went home.

There was one elder who stayed to mop the gym floor and I stayed to finish vacumming. It was 2 am before I got home.

Satisfied that the night went well and dreamy thoughts of dancing till midnight made my eyelids heavy and I reluctantly went to bed. I thought about past New Year Eve's and decided that this one had turned out great - perhaps better than past Eve's - but next time I want to be with my family. We don't even need to stay up all night - Just being together is enough.


tammy said...

I wouldn't want to go through the teenage years again either, and worry about my son who's getting there fast!

Jess said...

It was awful sweet of you to stay so late and make sure it was all cleaned up... Its hard sometimes.. being so responsible.. eh?.. lol... sounds like you had fun... and I hear you n just being with the family... even if you dnt do anything in particular... or stay up all night... just being together undr the same roof is somehow enough isnt it... =)

Lisa Loo said...

It is so hard to be the last one there. I always try to remember that with each calling I accept I just plan to be the last one there and doing whatever it is that needs to be done. SOmetimes I do better remembering that than others. Sounds like it was a good evening for the youth. I always pray for YW leaders like you to be leaders for my girls.

Kerri said...

So you're in teh Yw presidency huh? So am I! I'm the YW president, what about you? I'm wondering where you live. You should email me kerripchef(at)netzero(dot)com