Seriously, my last post...this year!

One last attempt...

to try and get a Christmas picture

Someone just shoot me!

Thank you Becka! But really you shouldn't have. Just send the box next time. The chocolate spoons were a terrific hit but they fought over the box it came in. And the newspaper that you added for stuffing had a picture of a princess bed, coats they just recieved for Christmas and a Diego toy..... so guess what? Another fight over who got to look at the K-mart advertisements!! Except I got the coats 50% off - your's were only advertised at 30% off. Check with me next time you buy at Kmart, I might be able to get it for ya cheaper!

And this is what I am doing all day... each batch takes an hour in the oven so 5 batches later and I'm on my way to the all nighter at the church.

The youth is having a dance tonight and at midnight the Bishopric is making breakfast....

Mmm the only thing I can think of that I would want to eat at midnight would be pizza and a gallon of pop.

Then on New Years Day... I am doing daycare. I had enough parents needing to work that I am open. Yay! I don't mind. It will be easy peasy and we will watch video's and eat junk food all day.

See you next year!


Lisa Loo said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics of your kids! Especially the one with the slicked back hair, and the one asleep in the bouncy chair..oh hec--just love them all! Especially with Hold On in the background :-) And way too funny about the box fight and the kmart ad--witty, witty you are!

Jami said...

Such a happy family! I love those chunks! (Your daughter's legs) Oh so squeezy!
To answer your question, I don't know if I'm staying up all night or not. I'm usually awake past midnight, anyway, due to insomnia/prego discomforts/restless legs syndrome/etc. Watch, tonight will be the one night I CAN sleep! Ha! Have fun at the church, sounds like WAY too much party for me. lol

Heidi Ashworth said...

Keeyyy-ute kids! You are a brave woman to do an all nighter at the church and then day care in the morning. Wow!

Nana said...

Those pictures are so cute. The baby asleep cracks me up. Happy New Year!