Alta's 3rd birthday

Oh so grouchy!

You say you want your Birthday cake NOW?

Okay, here it is!

Only Alta gets to blow them out!

Make a wish!

Oh, what can it be?

It's Dora UNDERWEAR!!!

It's a Dora Blanket!

Dora and Disney Books! And a Dora Doll!

How old are you now?

Too much excitement really wears baby out

If I close my eyes you can't see me....


Mother Goose said...

happy birthday alta!

Becka Babe said...

Thats crazy! Mae had the SAME cake! And Liza is obsessed w/ Dora too, I'm personally sick of her. It looks like it was fun!

Nouveau Me said...

My baby (in elementary school) rejected her Dora sheets when we were making up the beds this morning.

I wanted to cry.

Happy Birthday Alta. Love Dora awhile longer.