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I just love this guy and he never ceases to amaze me! I just found this article about him - Gipp and his wife Donna are lighting up their neighborhood!

Gipp does "It feels like Christmas", he is a minister, his wife is a street minister, do their good works ever cease? I love this man. You can click my link on the sidebar to see previous posts that I've done about him.

Clips from the article by

"Gipp and Donna Forster aren't sure how many times they have topped the best store-bought figurines category since first entering in 1997. It's either nine or 10 times, according to Donna."

"Nor do they know the exact number of figurines that turn the open garage of their Saanich home into a standing-room-only party of Christmas characters. Gipp thinks they have more than 40 animated dolls alone."

"We just got out of control," he says, "It's an obsession."

"Gipp estimates they've spent $20,000 over the years on figurines and lights. Their hydro bill is astronomical, he says, refusing to give the figure."

"The couple try to add something new each year, as some decorations wear out with age. The best time to buy is Boxing Day, when Christmas decorations are deeply discounted, Gipp says."

"If you see something [good], grab it right away," he continues. He finds one year's novel figurines aren't usually around the next."

"Even if you don't enter, expect more traffic when someone on your street wins. Not just cars but tour buses, according to Forester. A 10-minute daytime trip to the store can take him twice as long once his street lights up for Christmas."

"Past winners all say judge-swaying Christmas decorating takes more than just a Saturday morning to set up. Munkholm estimates he needs two to three weeks to ready his display. Last year, Gipp Forster spent four weeks transforming his garage from a car park to something magical."

"Forster, 71, is not sure how much longer he can physically manage what's involved in his degree of decorating."

"It's a major job," he says, something Viney largely sidesteps by drafting her son and a neighbour into action."

"Every year I say I'm not going to do it any more," Forster says, but then he decides it's too much fun to miss."

"I know it sounds schmaltzy, but you bring smiles and memories," he says."

"Donna and Gipp Forster look over their figurines for this year's Christmas display. "It's an obsession," Gipp admits, saying he's spent $20,000 on the Yuletide characters over the years."

Darren Stone, Times Colonist

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