It's way early in the morning. "Way" meaning I could still get 2 more hours of sleep.
But I am waiting for a parent to drop off their child..... (Jeapordy music playing)

OCTAMOM is up early too - but she is probably from a different time zone.
I am playing along with her today. She posted about taking the tree down and putting Christmas away. I really loved her post today! Very sentimental.

I have already taken the tree down and we are putting the little things away one thing at a time. We normally don't - we leave everything up until the neighbors tell us that it is February and that the current theme is Valentines and hearts and little candy. Roses from husbands...

But I was very hormonal this year and wanted everything organized and put away where it belongs -spick and span -smelling like clorox clean and looking like Martha Stewart lived here. I bet she still has her Christmas up though.

We are a young family and we are still making our traditions. I like to make cheeseballs with crackers for our neighbors and friends but I didn't do that this year. We have been extremely busy. We didn't even send our Christmas cards out. They are still sitting here.

But I think I will always get the kids a new pair of pajama's to wear to bed the night before....
the advent calendar,
cookies and milk for Santa.
Reading from the bible about baby Jesus and his birth.

I do want to start a new tradition....
I will hang mistletoe over the bedroom door of the Master bedroom and every night for the month of December after family prayer - Mom and Dad will kiss under the mistletoe and let the kids ooh and ahh (gag and complain that it is gross).
Showing affection so that our kids can see that Mom and Dad are in love. I think it is so important for our children to see that we care about each other -
and that, I think... is a great gift that we can give them. A sense of security.
I hope you have fun making your own traditions!

Play along....go here.


Scrappy Girl said...

I love traditions. We do the Christmas pjs! The kids love the mistletoe idea.

DesertHen said...

We have our traditions, like making the peanut butter fudge and leaving the tree up until New Year's. I will take it down New Year's Day and all of the other stuff as well. I also like to make sure that even though my kids are older now, that Santa still fills their stockings each year.....Traditions are so much fun!

Lisa Loo said...

We do the jammie elves on Christmas eve also! We have specific, only made at Christmas, treats.I collect advent claendars and the kids love doing them. Traditions are like glue. I am HORRIBLE about getting my Christmas decorations put away. Maybe you could come on over and help me??!!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Right on sistah! That must be your dad upon whose lap your kids are sitting--you look so much like him!

RhondaLue said...

I love it!

My teens do a dry heave gagging thing if they see a display of affection. I know they like to act like it bothers them but they're lucky their parents do that rather than other stuff. It's the best thing for kids if the parents are allover--I mean loving towards eachother. he he

p.s. love your blog!!!

Kaye Butler said...


I'm glad you stopped by my blog! Love your header and all the mud! Skip over to my blog and check out Emma at Mindless Banterer...she's got neat post about tradition and how long is too long to leave up decorations.

Becka Babe said...

Your so popular I cant keep up w/ you lol! We have the jammie tradition too, but here's one for ya,
Every year so that the girls remember the ones they've loved, Santa ties a pretty red ribbon around their favorite lovies. Mae's teddy and Sally doll, Liza's blankie & Meow kitty.
They love that Santa knows what they love.
BTW, I've tagged you and given you an award. :)