All the winter clothes had been carefully and neatly packed away. The boots, the snowpants, the hats and mittens. The coats washed and dried and put in the back of the closet. And then it happened. I awoke the other morning and soft big flakes were gently falling to the ground.

I turned to my kindergartner and said "Jon, you will need your coat, hat and mittens for school today." I began digging through the box and came up with matching mittens.

Mom! Jon said, those are not mittens - those are gloves!

Oh? There's a difference? (like it really matters - just put them on)

Mittens have fingers and Gloves only have thumbs! he replied.

We proceeded to dress him from head to toe and as I was tying his shoes he yells out "Spongebob!" Thinking that he wanted to take spongebob to school with him I began listing off all the reasons he couldn't, he interrupts and says "thats my baby's name!"

What? You don't have a baby Jon.

No Mom, when I grow up and get married...that's my baby's name.

Oh, I see. Do you think your wife will like this name? It's her baby too...

His reply: Yah, cause she likes me.


Devri said...

Just like a man! lol

you car looks like seats everywhere!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh, cute! So Sorry that it's snowing! Yuck!

Kerri said...

How funny that he is thinking of names already! Very cute.