May day! May day! Where is spring? We got up this morning to more snow! Unbelievable!

For your viewing pleasure I have posted this picture. What you are looking at is a sky scene above my backyard. There is two airplane jet trails. One was headed east to west and the other was traveling something like north east to south west. You can see they crossed paths right over my house within a few minutes of each other. How would you like the job of coordinating the flights and paths of airplanes? Not me.

What could I post that would be worthy of your listening ears today?

I have to remind myself that I started this blog as a journal of the things my kids do and well, my kids are pretty busy but here are a few funny things that have happened this week.

One: Sarah was not excited to go to school and get dressed and ready. By the time her bus came she was NOT a happy camper. She stomped out to the bus and stomped up the three stairs and stomped all the way to the back of the bus and sat in the very last seat. It was the big long bus and all of her 10 friends were sitting in the very front. The bus driver just looked at me and gave me a "whats up?" kind of look and closed the doors. I made it a point to stand on the porch and wave my arms big and blow her kisses. At the last moment possible she waved back and blew me a kiss. I think I would have felt bad if she hadn't have waved back.

Two: Valorie is learning to walk and was at the top of the stairs. She grabbed the railing and was going to walk down the stairs like a big girl. I started to run towards her to stop her but it was too late. She did a perfect cartwheel down the first few stairs before I caught her and stopped her fall. It scared her so much that she was still in a frigid handstand position. Let's save gymnastics for the floor mats shall we? She also looks cute when she stands on her head and looks at you between her legs. I am so in love with that little girl.

My daycare numbers have been at an all time low. 6 full time during the day and 5 evening-overnight. The other night I had 3 parents who failed to show up on time and I ended up with 9 kids at the table for dinner and 3 babies. We finally got everyone settled in for bed by 9:30. Whew what a night but it's going smoothly and my children are enjoying their friendships. And my biggest joy......3 more kids have been fully pottytrained!! It makes my life SO much easier!! Pretty sad that I am so excited about something like that!! Actually, I do have something more exciting than that. We met with a financial professional and we were able to move things around to where we will be debt free in 31 months. That means I will continue to do daycare for 2 and 1/2 more years but then I am moving on. I think I will either do preschool for 1-2 hours a day or get back into massage therapy. My kids will be in school. It will be perfect.(BUT) I like that saying that goes something like:

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

We shall see what happens.

And on a side note:

Here is the church and here is it's steeple. Open the doors and see all the people. Close the doors and let them pray... Open the doors, they've all gone away.
We are getting very close to moving into the new building!!


Pancake said...

Wahoo! We have a new chapel that is close to being done here too!

Devri said...

We have one like 2 feet from our house, but we opt to go to the Tongan ward that is 20 miles away.... Just helping out the economy!