Life is not perfect -

I needed a break so I drove up through Sundance Wyoming. There is a teeny weeny branch of the church up there and I stopped and attended their meetings. Loved it. Loved the people. Loved seeing how humble and spiritual they are. Our wards here are so big and I only know a few handful of people. The drive home was beautiful. It was snowing and very slushy and wet. Sundance is probably the closest thing we have to mountains and pine tree's. I miss the mountains. Here, it's all wide open and far as the eye can see.

I escaped the house on Saturday for another training (second one this month!) I got to push the garage door button all by myself! I didn't have anyone fighting over which car seat or which radio station to listen to... I was.....Childless!! All by myself!

So in indulging in these little things I have found other ways to steal some ME time. Like today... my children were in primary and I snuck into another ward's sacrament for fast and testimony meeting. It was GLORIOUS! I wasn't constantly struggling with a child to sit down or to be quiet. I just sat there and enjoyed people bearing their testimony's. I feel smug.

And well that's it. Nothing more nothing less. Well, except for this one thing. I heard it on Brides' War the movie:

Life isn't perfect - It's Messy!

Wondering how I feel about daycare this week? Yay or Nay? I don't know yet. I sure have been having mixed feelings about it. I guess it depends on the day and how many messes there are. Make up your mind already would ya?!

Anyhoo. As you can see I'm just rambling. I should have just saved all this garbly goop for my personal journal. And as you can see - we never have gotten rid of the internet. Every time I go to pull the plug - I just can't do it. So back to blogging. Which really isn't so bad unless I keep posting garbly goop.

My Alta just interrupted my typing to help her diaper her baby dolly. Gosh darn it - She is SO CUTE!


tammy said...

Glad you're getting some YOU time. And that you haven't pulled the plug yet.

Jess said...

If its any help to you.. =) I copy and paste my blog entries that I want for my personal journal into my site... and then at the end of the year, pay $20 to have them print it out into a book and send it to me.. =)

THis way I can still blog... and keep up with the journal too!!!

Glad your having some quiet me time... and that your still online with us!! =)