A few random thoughts

It is fast Sunday. I haven't fasted in a long time. I think I will fast for my children's health and for my husband to be able to complete his church callings.

I want to fast for my own endurance and determination. It's been a rough few months.

I finished cleaning the children's rooms. Jon wanted mats in his room like the girls so Darrel helped him lay them out. I love it when Darrel is good to the children like that.

I've been thinking about my weight loss goal and have come to the realization that I will never reach my true goal unless I have all this extra skin removed. BUT... I feel so much better. I conquered going to 50 and back with much more ease than last time. It felt so GOOD! I've been riding my bike for 30 minutes during lunch hour and I practically crave that time. It feels so GOOD! Even though I won't reach that magic number I will still be able to make working out part of my lifestyle. I've finally put myself first and I am focusing on being happy.

Now I'm off to get the children and myself ready for church. Darrel had an early morning meeting and is already there. He was called to be the Elders Quorum President. We are excited because we are finally in the new building and it is beautiful. When I was little I had a dream. I was inside a church building and I felt safe from the darkness outside. I am reminded of this dream when I am inside this new building. It is like coming home to a familiar place. Like I've been here before. Our ward boundaries were changed and there is many people I do not know yet. Perhaps today they will announce the new Relief Society Presidency.

I am feeling very grateful and blessed.


Loralee and the gang... said...

That's awesome- your husband's new calling. He will learn and grow immeasurably! And so will you! And that's great about meeting your goals and feeling better. That's what weight loss should be all about!

Cynthia said...

That's an intense calling! I'm sure he'll do well with it though.

Good for you on the weight loss thing. I am struggling my way down the scale slowly. I've been getting frustrated lately because the scale isn't moving but I need to just relax about that. I am doing this to be healthy and those workouts make me healthy even if I'm only SLOWLY shrinking. I worry about the extra skin thing too. I hope it doesn't end up being scary but it probably will.

Keep making time for you! You deserve to own at least that half hour of your life!

tammy said...

I need to be better at fasting.

Hope you like your new ward and building. We had to leave new pretty one when we moved and come to a really old and dark one. I didn't like it for a long time.

Devri said...

good for you darling! Husband will do great!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Congrats on your weight loss. I am going to really get down to serious weight loss after I have this baby.