Looking back...

Last year at this time we got over 9 inches of rain -
We had just moved in and had a baby and we had to do this project...

First we had to pull out the bushes

Save the grass

Level the yard to make the water drain out and not in

Order a few tons of gravel

Digg all the way around the house to expose the foundation

Most of it had to be dug by hand

Layer the hole with gravel

The Black hose?? I'm not sure what it does

Connect all the down spouts

Grandpa earned his reward in heaven

Putting gravel on top

Ordering more grass


Lisa Loo said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is some seriously hard work!!! Lovely results though!

Julie said...

Wowsers!!! I agree, it looks awesome! That's a lot of work!!!

tammy said...

Wow. What a job!